All year round we play Opens and Mixed Soccer and each Summer, we add Ladies Soccer on a Sunday afternoon. No matter which competition you'd like to play, we'd love to see you at Brisbane West!! 

Indoor Soccer, also known as 5-A-Side Football and similar to Futsal, is one of our Favorites here at Brisbane West Indoor Sports! Whether you're playing in your club soccer off season or all year round, we'd love to see you play  with us at Brisbane West Indoor Sports!

We accommodate everyone from very social to competitive players and teams. Our seasons run continuously throughout the year. Each season runs for 15-16 weeks plus finals (first 5 weeks of the season is grading). Don't forget that you can nominate at any time - we'll get you into a competition ASAP!

Don't forget, if you don't have a team, we can find one for you - just click start playing below and fill in your details and we'll be in touch. If you've got a team - great!! we'll be in touch once you submit your team nomination through the start playing link below.

Why wait - you can nominate any time!!

If you ready to start playing NOW as a team or individual, click Start Playing. Otherwise, email us at [email protected] for more information.

Whether you've played soccer before, or are new to the sport, our indoor version is packed full of fun! Playing on two courts, rather than one, means you have much more space to craft your play. The nets surrounding the entire court mean that the ball is in play almost all the time. Having unlimited subs means that you can take a break when you need one. If you're playing our mixed game, every goal a lady scores is worth two!

Darra Soccer (Futsal Team) Springfield
Brisbane West Indoor Sports Soccer Team

Open Soccer* - Double Court

Nights played:                   S M T W T F

Number of Players:          5 on court + up to 4 reserves

Substitutes:                       Unlimited

Thursday Duration:            2 x 19 min halves

Sunday Duration:               2 x 20 min halves

Ball Used:                           Futsal

Thursday Game Times:      6:00pm – 9:20pm

Sunday Game Times:         5:00pm - 8:45pm

*Generally a men's competition, but ladies can (and do!) play as well.

Mixed & Ladies Soccer - Double Court

Nights played:                  S M T W T F

Number of Players:         5 on court + up to 4 reserves, 1 Female                                                                 on court at all times (mixed)

Substitutes:                       Unlimited

Scoring Restrictions:      Nil, however in mixed, goals scored by females                                                 are worth two goals

Duration:                            2 x 20 min halves

Ball Used:                           Futsal

Game Times:                     5:00pm – 8:45pm


We're always looking for new soccer referees. Whether you're just starting out or highly experienced, if you'd like to referee, please get in touch

Game Fee each week: $96.00*

Registration Fee: $96.00 Per season

*Split it up between 6 people and that's $16 each!

Pay your season up front and don't pay registration - ask us at the counter how

Don't have a team? We'll find one for you - just fill out your details below!

Captains Kit & Code of Behaviour

Before playing, please read this important information about playing at Brisbane West. Remember, if you have any questions, our counter staff are here to help.