Kids Sport

We love our junior sports programs because they get kids out of the house and playing sports. Whether your child has never played before and wanting to try something new, or is just looking to keep playing their favorite sport, we have an age group and division for you!! Many of our players playing for the first time end up continuing on with the sport because they love it so much!! Why not get your children into our kids sports programs starting in February 2020?

How does it work?

It's pretty simple - nominate your child into the competition they would like to play in, either with a whole team or as an individual. Each week, we'll give you a game time for your child's team - all you need to do is bring them! That's right - there's no training to attend or other volunteering! Our junior competitions are run at our centre each and every week, so there aren't any away games that you have to travel for.

We know kids like to play with their friends, so we'll do our best to put them in the one team. In your nomination, just let us know the details of the players your child would like to play with and we'll likely be able to get them into the same team.

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Start Playing!!


We're always looking for new referees. Whether you're just starting out or highly experienced, if you'd like to referee, please get in touch

Captains Kit & Code of Behaviour

Before playing, please read this important information about playing at Brisbane West. Remember, if you have any questions, our counter staff are here to help.