Game Outline

  1. Each team consists of 6 players.
  2. For a game to commence each team must have 4 players present. All games will start at their allotted time due to time constraints, run penalties will apply at the rate of minus 5 runs per minute for games starting late.
  3. Each game will consist of 12 Overs consisting of 6 balls. Illegal balls bowled in the last over of each innings can be re-bowled at the batter’s request and to the maximum of 2 re-bowls.
  4. Jackpot ball will apply for the 1st ball of each batting pair.
  5. Each player bowls 2 Overs of 6 balls.
  6. Each player bats 4 Overs, in pairs.
  7. Teams must field 3 players in each half of the court.
  8. Scoring is as follows
    1. The front net (Zone A) is Zero runs.
    2. The side net from Zone A to the Half-way line is 1 run.
    3. The side net from the Halfway line to the back net (Zone E) is 2 runs.
    4. Any ball that hits the side net from the Half-way line onward that also hits the back net will be 3 runs (Zone D).
    5. The Back net on the Bounce will be 4 runs.
    6. The Back net on the full will be 6 runs.
    7. Any ball that hits either of the “Bonus Squares” (Zone F) will be 12 runs; however a player can be caught and given out from this shot.
    8. A run must be completed in conjunction with any of these shots for the scoring zone run to apply.
  1. Each dismissal is minus 5 runs.
  2. All rules are interpreted at the discretion of the Umpire and decisions made are final, decisions will only be discussed with the Captain of the fielding side or in the case of the batting team, the batter at the strikers end only.