Our Junior Soccer Program is a well established competition that has been running since 2013. This competition has continued to grow over the past five years, with the introduction of many new age groups! If your children love to play Soccer sign them up in our Term 1  + 4 competitions - you will not regret it!!


TERM 4: Sunday 9 October, Thursday 13 October + Friday 14 October

8 weeks

It's that time of year again!! Give us a call or click "Start Playing" below to nominate your child into our 2022 Junior Soccer program. If you have any questions before nominating, please send them through here or give us a call on 3376 8600.


How does it work?

It's pretty simple - nominate your child into the competition, either with a whole team or as an individual. Each week, we'll give you a game time for your child's team - all you need to do is bring them! That's right - there's no training to attend or other volunteering! Our junior competitions are run at our centre each week, so there aren't any away games that you have to travel for.

TERM 4 2022 FEES:


Junior Soccer Futsal kids sport kids soccer

Junior Soccer

Nights played:              S M T W T F

Number of Players:      5 on court + 3 reserves

Duration:                       2 x 15 min halves

Game Times:                 Sunday (16 + under) from 5:00pm

.                                     Thursdays (14+under) 4:15pm , 4:50pm + 5:00pm

.                                     Fridays (6, 8, 10, 12+under) from 4:00pm

Equipment:                   NO STUDDED BOOTS, shin pads

Uniform:                       Same coloured shirts recommended


We're always looking for new junior soccer referees. Whether you're just starting out or highly experienced, if you'd like to umpire, please get in touch

Junior Soccer Game Times and Results

Age Policy

Brisbane West Indoor Sports runs Junior competitions annually. Age groups are determined by the age the player will be as at 31 December of the competition year. All teams will be placed in the age group of the eldest player. Players can play up an age group but cannot play down.


Age Groups:

  • 6 years and under
  • 8 years and under
  • 10 years and under
  • 12 years and under
  • 14 years and under
  • 16 years and under


e.g. Mary is the eldest player in her team she will be 13 years old on 31 December 2020 (D.O.B 16/12/2007) the rest of her team will be 12 years old (Born 2008). This team will be graded as a 14 year and under team.

Captains Kit & Code of Behaviour

Before playing, please read this important information about playing at Brisbane West