Captain's Responsibility:

  • Team Captains are responsible for the game fees incurred by the team.
  • Nomination fees are due week 1.
  • It is the captain’s responsibility to make sure:
    • Players have registered on touch screens correctly, including mobile number and email addresses.
    • Tick off players taking the court before every game (Requirement for insurance cover).
    •  Collect nomination and game fees. Please pay before you play
      • One payment per team per night
  • Remember that we are open all public holidays, except Easter, Christmas & New Years.
  • By nominating a team in our competition, you have committed yourselves to a 15/16-week season. Any outstanding monies will be invoiced to the captain or person within the team.


  • Should your team be unable to play any of your scheduled games, please telephone the Centre immediately as we don’t see your
    online team availability.
  • Forfeits should only occur in extreme cases, please contact us immediately if you are having problems with times or team
    numbers as we may be able to help you. We have fill-in players that may come down to help your team out. This will help avoid your team from forfeiting.
  • Should a team wish to forfeit a game; A FORFEIT FEE will be imposed of a 2 x your normal game fee.

Remember, if you have ONE player from your team here and we can organise fill - ins, you pay 1 x your game fee. If no one from your team plays, you pay 2x your game fee

  • This fee must be paid before your next game. Forfeiting teams will also lose 7 points, Soccer lose 5 points.
  • At all times Management will do their best to help all parties involved in all the above, and will use their discretion in forming an outcome

Grading & Draws

  • At all times Management will endeavour to grade as fairly and evenly as possible. However, there are always the occasional few teams that cannot fit into the perfect grade and will be allocated to the most appropriate grade available.
  • Please contact the centre, or check online weekly for the first five grading and finals game times
  • For the remainder of the season, we will provide a template draw. However, as teams may enter or exit the competition, this will likely change. Ensure your team are set up for email reminders and check the website weekly.

Umpires & Referees

  • At all times, Management endeavour to allocate umpires/referees according to grade and qualification
  • All umpires/referees go through training and testing both in Centre and by appointed INFQ (Netball) /ICQ (Cricket) testers
  • If at any time you have a question or need a clarification of the rules, please approach Management for assistance.
  • NO ABUSE USE OF UMPIRES/REFEREES WILL BE TOLERATED! Any player who infringes this rule will be sent from the court, possibly


  • Your finals will be played on the same night as you play your games on
  • Your game times will be available online, or alternatively, call the centre
  • Should you need to discuss not having enough players, please call us asap.
  • Players must have played at least 1/3rd of the season.

Player Insurance

  • All players play at their own risk
  • There is injury insurance for all players registered on team lists. Even if a player is just filling in you should still enter them on your
    team sheet. All injuries should be reported to Management. Ask at the games desk if you require further information.


  • Management & Staff reserves the right to refuse service or remove to any person that is behaving inappropriately and/or intoxicated
  • Please take care of all valuables as Brisbane WEST Indoor Sports takes no responsibility for loss, theft or damage

Code of Behaviour

Before taking the court, ensure you and your team have read the Code of Behaviour