Conditions of Entry

  1. Players take the court at their own risk.
  2. All entrants (including players) are required to participate in a sportsmanlike manner, with respect for the staff, umpire, patrons and opposition at all times.
  3. Any bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated and penalties/sanctions will be applied accordingly.
  4. At no time can a player approach, abuse, insult or criticise any umpire or opponent.
  5. Staff and officials reserve the right to remove any player not abiding by these conditions.
  6. Staff and officials reserve the right to remove any player deemed to be intoxicated.
  7. At no time will persons on the sideline (i.e. supporters, players on the bench) address the umpire or player/s in an unsportsmanlike manner – anyone seen to be abusing players and/or officials on court will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Players on the field may also be penalised.


What to do on the night if there are issues:

Our counter staff are here to assist with any issues you may have. Whether that be umpiring, the opposition, or anything else, please raise this with our counter staff.

Actions taken when and incident occurs:

  1. All communications made about an incident will be done so through the nominated captain of the team.
  2. Players WILL be suspended – Suspensions are determined by Management and are final - Captains will be notified on final decision.
  3. Penalties/sanctions will be applied accordingly to anyone seen to be acting in an unsportsmanlike manner throughout the game.